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Impact Structures!

Objects from space have been striking Earth since the beginning of the planet. Many of these impacts have produced craters large enough to be observed from satellites. This page features a small collection of impact structures as revealed on Landsat images. Many of these impacts occurred millions of years ago. Their identity as impact structures is confirmed by the presence of meteorite debris, shocked or metamorphosed rock in the impact area, and, a characteristic circular shape surrounded by rock structures consistent with an impact event.

Gosses Bluff impact crater
The Gosses Bluff Impact Structure, Northern Territory, Australia. A 24 kilometer diameter crater with central uplift. NASA Landsat.

Manicougan crater in Quebec, Canada
Manicougan Crater, Quebec, Canada. A 100 kilometer diameter crater with central uplift and radiating fractures. NASA Landsat.

Clearwater Lakes Craters, Canada
Clearwater Lakes Craters, Quebec, Canada. Twin lakes produced by two simultaneous impacts. NASA Landsat.

Acraman Impact Structure, South Australia
The Acraman Impact Structure, South Australia. A 90 kilometer diameter crater. NASA Landsat.

Vredefort Dome, South Africa
Vredefort Dome, South Africa. A 40 kilometer diameter crater. The southeast portion is covered by sediment. NASA Landsat.